DeAndre Brown Injury Video

December 22, 2008

Southern Mississippi receiver DeAndre Brown got injured during the Sunday night’s R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl game against Troy. He got his lower left leg fractured with 8:21 left to play in the first quarter. You can see the injury video after the jump.

Only minutes after his 67th reception of the season set a school record, Brown’s leg gave out unnaturally as he landed in the end zone during a long incompletion. The defender on the play, Tavares Williams, put his hands on his head and then gestured for help.

Brown writhed in pain as trainers raced to his side. He was placed on a stretcher and lifted onto a cart.

His name was encored by fans all around the stadium when he sat up on the cart and then responded by flapping his hands as an Eagle.

DeAndre, who is a freshman, is seen as the most prized prospect this season and is already the Golden Eagle’s leading receiver. He was recently named as the Conference USA Freshman of the Year by The Sporting News and He led all the freashman receivers in the country with 12 touchdowns and has 1,108 receiving yards.

Video of DeAndre Brown injury is below.

DeAndre Brown Injury Video
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