Katie Hnida Is A Football Player

December 21, 2008

Meet Katie Hnida, an American professional football player who became the first woman to score in a NCAA Division I-A football game. See video and a biography of Hnida here.

Hnida was the center of a big controversy in 2004 when she admitted that she was sexually molested and raped by some of her teammates while she played for Colorado. The revelations were given in an interview with Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly.

Later that year, Gary Barnett, then head coach at Colorado, stated “[We] have not done anything wrong, there isn’t a shred of evidence to this date to back up any allegations that have been made, and there won’t be. It was obvious Katie was not very good. She was awful. You know what guys do? They respect your ability. You can be 90 years old, but if you can go out and play, they’ll respect you.”

Barnett was later suspended for his remarks.

Katie Hnida Biography

As a biography, Katie Hnida was born on May 17, 1981 in Littleton, Colorado so her age is 27. She attended Chatfield High School and was very popular on the field. She was chosen as one of America’s “20 most influential teens” by Teen People Magazine.

Hnida started her career with University of Colorado as a placekicker. She later transferred to University of New Mexico for which she appeared in the Las Vegas Bowl against UCLA. It was the first time a woman played in an NCAA Div. I-A game. She was also the first one to score, when she did that against Texas.

Katie plans to be a sportscaster in the future and currently lives in New York. She also has a book to her credit named Still Kicking: My Dramatic Journey as the First Woman to Play Division One College Football.

A video of Katie Hnida is below.

Katie Hnida Video
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