Leslie Porterfield is Fastest Woman on a Motorcycle

December 16, 2008

Meet Leslie Porterfield, an American motorcyclist who has been dubbed “the fastest woman on a motorcycle”. See photo, video and read a biography of Leslie below.

Leslie Porterfield

Leslie Porterfield

Leslie Porterfield is in the news as she was featured this evening in a Discovery Channel special, “Speed Capital of the World: Bonneville”.

Leslie is a three time land speed record holder, and by far is the fastest gal on a motorcycle. She was recently named the 2008 AMA Racing Female Rider of the Year.

Via RacerXonline.com, Leslie said of the Discovery Channel special:

“I enjoyed being a part of this production and feel fortunate to have been selected. The people at Big Fish entertainment were a pleasure to work with. It is great to see Discovery Channel taking an interest in Bonneville and land-speed racing. Bonneville is such an amazing event,” commented Porterfield.

Leslie Porterfield Biography

As a biography, Leslie Porterfield is 32 years of age. She has been a motorcycle rider and racer since she was 16 years old. In August, Leslie competed at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and rode her Turbo Hiabusa bike at speeds of 209 mph, and in doing so became the first woman to be part of the elite 200 mph club.

Leslie is the owner of High Five Cycles, a used motorcycle dealership located in downtown Dallas, Texas.

Photo and video of Leslie Porterfield below.

Leslie Porterfield
Leslie Porterfield Photos

Leslie Porterfield Video

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6 Responses to “Leslie Porterfield is Fastest Woman on a Motorcycle”

  1. 1
    Ride Rag Blog Says:

    […] We do. Leslie Porterfield. She’s 32 and has held the land speed record three times and is the first woman to break into the 200mph elite boys’ club. See her and read more on this cool woman’s sports blog. […]

  2. 2
    Jody Leveille Says:

    This is not true Trillium Muir became a member of a 200mph club before Leslie, and she is the fastest woman in the world on a motorcycle @ 239.3mph

  3. 3
    Dallas Texas Says:

    Leslie Porterfield holds the fastest world record of any woman on a motorcycle at 232mph. This is a 2way average set at the Bonneville Salt flats. She is the first woman on a conventional motorcycle in the legendary Bonneville 200mph Club in their 60 year history.

  4. 4
    JH Says:

    LP has wrongly stated on several occasions that she is the fastest woman on a MC.

    A-Trillium is the first in the 200 mph club.
    B-Trillium is (and was) the fastest woman on a MC.

    LPs continued lying to the media has caused TM sponsorships and deserved press.

    I am very disappointed with LP…..and hope she doesn’t have the balls to pit next to me, as I will tell her this to her face.

    She knows in her heart she is wrong.

  5. 5
    Belen Says:

    Well I am very disapointed in you! First off don’t make a threat and not say who you are! As far as I am concernd I don’t want to pit next to you so please identify your self or do you not have the BALLS???
    Secondly how about some benefit of the doubt? If Trillium was at speed week last year or the year before that what you said would be true, but she races at Maxton not on the salt, where the Bonneville 200 mph club was started by the
    SCTA, to which Leslie now belongs.
    Leslie is adept at promotion and she will bring recognition to the sport and to women racers.
    At the time of Leslie’s interview, and I know because I was there watching her, she was absoultly correct. Trillium didn’t set her record at Maxton until January of 2009. Leslie’s interview took place at the Barber museum durring the AMA awards banqet November of 2008.
    Your remarks are petty and missing the bigger picture and you have offended me.

  6. 6
    Christopher Says:

    In every event there is a hater waiting to arise. Leslie do your thing and enjoy your rewards. You have already proven yourself, until the next run….do your thing.