Arena Football League Canceled

December 16, 2008

The board of directors of the Arena Football League (AFL) has decided to call off the 2009 season due to the economic recession. The League will resume the following year.

Arena Football League

Arena Football League championship parade

“Every owner in the A.F.L. is strongly committed to the league, the game and, most importantly, the fans,” the interim commissioner Ed Policy said Monday in a statement.

“Owners, however, recognize that, especially in light of the current unprecedented economic climate, the A.F.L., as a business enterprise, needs to be restructured if it is to continue to provide its unique brand of this affordable, fan-friendly sport.”

A team of financial engineers will take primitive measures to re-structure the financial backbone of AFL which might include salary cuts and the current management which allows all the sixteen teams to work independently. Few changes have already been taken with The Cleveland Gladiators firing six Sales employees and The Grand Rapids Rampage announcing nine front-office staff members to be laid off.

AFL, which includes esteemed owners like musician Jon Bon Jovi and former Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway, has failed in its attempt to attract a large fan-following in it’s 22-year history. It is currently being broadcast by ESPN.

A video of Arena Football League is below.

Arena Football League Video

Photos: WENN

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