Amanda Beard: Tanning Salon Lawsuit

December 3, 2008

Amanda Beard is embroiled in a tanning salon lawsuit. Get the full story plus photos and video of this Olympic swimmer hottie below.

Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard: Tanning Salon Lawsuit

Former Olympic gold medal champ Amanda Beard has filed a lawsuit against tanning salon company ProSun, which is based in Florida, claiming that the company had used her name and image without her consent on their website.

The lawsuit claims that ProSun used her photo on their website “to create the impression that Beard endorses ProSun products”. She is seeking “unspecified damages”.

A spokesman for the ProSun camp is claiming that the photos they used of Beard on their website were taken during a charity event a couple of years ago, and have the right to use them how they see fit. You can see the court documents filed Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court here.

What do you think? Should ProSun be able to do what they want with these photos or is Amanda Beard right in filing a lawsuit against them?

More hot photos and video of Amanda Beard are below.

Amanda Beard Amanda Beard Amanda Beard Amanda Beard Amanda Beard Amanda Beard
Amanda Beard Photos

Amanda Beard Video

Photos: WENN, FHM

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2 Responses to “Amanda Beard: Tanning Salon Lawsuit”

  1. 1
    News Review Says:

    Amanda Beard is gorgeous. It is but proper that one should obtain first her consent since pictures, whether made in public or not, are private properties of one person and its usage without the owners consent shall violate one’s right to privacy.

  2. 2
    mmccall60 Says:

    Geez, it depends on what kind of contract, model release and legal agreement the company has with her would determine if they could use her photos in company advertising campaigns. Nowadays, you can’t download or publish anything without the cloud of litigation hanging over you.