Anderson Cooper Michael Phelps Race (Video)

November 30, 2008

Anderson Cooper interviewed Olympic champion Michael Phelps on 60 Minutes earlier tonight. Read more about the interview plus a video below.

Once again, Anderson Cooper thinks he can run (or swim) with the best of them! In his 60 minutes interview with Olympic gold medal champion Michael Phelps, Cooper wanted to take Phelps on in a race in the pool. The challenge did come with some rules though. Phelps had to swim the race completely underwater, couldn’t breathe, and had to only use his legs.

How do you think Anderson fared? You’ll have to see the video below. Oh, and Phelps will be headed back to the pool in January to train…for the 2012 London Olympics! Meanwhile, he has a new girlfriend…Las Vegas cocktail waitress Caroline Pal, whom he took home to meet the family in Baltimore for Thanksgiving. Check out her hot photos here.

See the Anderson Cooper Michael Phelps race video below.

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Anderson Cooper Michael Phelps Race – Video

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