Daniela Cicarelli Is Ronaldo’s Ex-Wife

November 27, 2008

Meet Daniela Cicarelli, a Brazilian model and MTV hostess who was married to soccer player Ronaldo in 2005 for over three months before breaking up. Cicarelli is one of the hottest glamor girls in Brazil. See photos, video and a biography of Cicarelli here.

Daniela recently shared the stage with Marcelo Tas as the presenters of the 9th Latin Grammy Awards held in Houston. She is also in the news after she expressed her interests in the kabbalah practices. Many people are guessing she might be the latest celebrity to accept the religion, although Daniela disagrees.

“I am Catholic, I am going to church every Sunday. The cabal is more a science,” she said.

Daniela Cicarelli Biography

As a biography, Daniela Cicarelli was born on November 6, 1978, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil so her age is 30. She has been a model all her life, starting out in the glamor industry at the age of 12 and winning the Elite national competition at 14. She became famous in 2001 when she appeared in a Pepsi TV ad.

Cicarelli has modeled for Cia Maritima and Victoria’s Secret and has done a variety of TV commercials. Her big break came in 2003 when she was signed by MTV Brasil to host a summer show. She presented other shows also including Beija Sapo (Kissing Frogs), a dating show which got released in 2004.

Daniela was involved in a big controversy in September 2006 when she was caught, having sex with her boyfriend on a Spanish beach, on a video by a paparazzo. The video was broadcasted on the TV show Dolce Vita on Spanish channel Telecinco. The matter got worse when the video appeared on Youtube and it was blocked in Brazil, pending a court case. Later, the judge closed the case saying that ‘Cicarelli had no expectation of privacy in a public place and so acted in bad faith in trying to get the video removed as an invasion of her privacy’.

In her personal life, Daniela got married to Ronaldo at the Ch√Ęteau de Chantilly on February 14, 2005. She suffered a miscarriage after that and the couple got separated exactly 86 days after the marriage.

More photos and a video of Daniela Cicarelli are below.

Daniela Cicarelli Video
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    Zooey Says:

    Cool I like her a lot, how come Ronaldo ditched her after her miscarriage?