Eddie Jordan Fired

November 24, 2008

Washington Wizards head coach Eddie Jordan has been fired after the team started off with a 1-10 record this season. Ed Tapscott, the former Director of Player Development for the team, has been named as the new coach in the interim.

Jordan, who’s been in Washington since 2003, had enjoyed four straight playoff appearances but this time it’s different. The team is second last in the rankings just over Oklahoma City Thunder, who fired their coach just two days ago. The performance got worse with the injury of starters Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood.

“You fall out,” Jordan said with sense of gallows humor. “You fall out from fatigue and then you wake up in a sweat and then after that, you move on.”

It’s ironical that Jordan is the longest tenured coach in the Eastern Conference and has been applauded quite a number of times because of his ability to pull his team up every time they go down.

“This team is built for Gilbert Arenas to lead us. This team is built for our All-Star forwards to carry the wings for us, and for Brendan Haywood to have a career year manning the middle for us. We don’t have those things.”

While that sounds like a mere excuse… the figures say the same sorry story. Eddie might not be totally responsible for the 0-5 start that Wizards got, but that’s what you do in NBA… fire the coach. Eddie guided them to a 20-game improvement in 2004-2005 and this was the franchise‚Äôs best season since 1978-1979. He was the first one from Washington to coach the Eastern Conference All-Stars.

It would be interesting to see how they fare up this remaining season with the new headmaster.

A video of Eddie Jordan is below.

Eddie Jordan Video
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