Jimmy Connors Arrested

November 22, 2008

Former Tennis great Jimmy Connors was arrested at the entrance of the arena where a UC Santa Barbara and North Carolina basketball match was being played.

Connors reportedly denied to comply with the police request to leave the campus arena after a confrontation. He occasionally comes to watch the matches and lives in the same area.

A university police dispatcher, who declined to be identified, said in a telephone interview today that Connors, 56, was arrested before the game. A Santa Barbara County Jail employee who wouldn’t identify himself said Connors was no longer in custody.

Jimmy, who is well-known for his furious on-court temper, is an eight-time Grand Slam champion. He has almost 109 singles titles to his name and was atop the world rankings for three straight years. Connors returned to tennis recently as the coach of US No.1 Andy Roddick, but their two-year relationship ended earlier this year.

His agent couldn’t be approached for any comments.

A video of Jimmy Connors is below.

Jimmy Connors Video
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