Jennifer Dooley is Ricky Hatton’s Girlfriend

November 21, 2008

Meet Jennifer Dooley, a former teacher and Ricky Hatton’s girlfriend. See more photos, video and read a biography of Jennifer Dooley below.

Jennifer Dooley will surely be on hand to watch her boyfriend, Ricky Hatton, take on Paul Malignaggi Saturday for the junior welterweight title in Las Vegas. H has promised his fans that they’ll see him at his best:

“I’m going to jump all over Paulie. Saturday night, as God is my judge, you’ll see the best Ricky Hatton and I’ll need to be because I’m fighting my nearest rival in the division. I need to be my best and I will be at my best.”

It was just one year ago that Dooley quit her job as a teacher to watch Hatton fight Floyd Mayweather, and saw him fall to the ground in the 10th round after a left hook from Mayweather. The fight was stopped and Mayweather was declared the winner.

Jennifer Dooley Biography

As a biography, we believe Jennifer Dooley is 30 years of age. She is the daughter of an engineer father and is originally from Mottram. She attended Manchester Metropolitan Business School, where she received her degree in Marketing.

Jennifer met Ricky when the two were five years old in elementary school. They caught up years later, because Jennifer was friends with Jenna, the girlfriend of Rick’s brother Matthew. She was with Jenna when Ricky and Jennifer reconnected. They have been together over four years now and live in Hatton’s home, which he has dubbed Heartbreak Hotel (he is a huge Elvis fan).

More photos and video of Jennifer Dooley below.

Video of Ricky Hatton, Jennifer Dooley’s Boyfriend

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