Pasadena Marathon Canceled

November 16, 2008

The inaugural Pasadena Marathon which was scheduled to take place on Sunday, has been canceled by the organizers due to safety concerns of the participants because of wildfires raging in Los Angeles County.

The decision was made at 4 a.m. after consulting experts, public health officials and firemen. The quality of air due to the fire has been labeled not suitable for the 8000 participants who were scheduled to run.

Apparently, the AQMD issued a modified warning yesterday which included Orange and Riverside county.

“Surrounding areas of Los Angeles and Orange counties may reach the Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups level or higher, depending on fire conditions and wind flows.”

John Parks, a member of the race management team, has said that the rescheduling will happen later after a meeting. The participants are requested to check the official website for further notice.

The marathon was organized by Pasadena Forward as a fund-raiser to support the cause of local civic and charitable societies.

A video of Pasadena Half Marathon is below.

Pasadena Half Marathon Video
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