Tennis Masters Cup Final

November 15, 2008

Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic and World No. 5 Russian Nikolay Davydenko are all set for a Sunday final of the season-ending Tennis Masters Cup being played in Shanghai.

Davydenko beat British sensation Andy Murray 7-5 6-2 to enter the last match. He played very aggressively and took full advantage of a tired Murray who had played a long three-hour match with Roger Federer just 20 hrs. before this one. While he tried all the tricks in the basket, the sheer exhaustion didn’t seem to let him break-free.

“I was lucky Murray beat Federer yesterday,” said 27-year-old Davydenko, who would have played Federer in the semis had the Swiss overcome the Scot.

“But I played very well today and won … he wanted to show he was the best player by beating Federer so maybe he was really tired.”

Earlier, World No.3 Djokovic defeated France’s Gilles Simon in another semi-final. Simon, who entered the competition in place of an injured Rafael Nadal, couldn’t have had a better time of his life. He did an amazing job beating Roger Federer in only the first round. The wild-card entrant will be finishing the year with No.7 ranking.

The finalists have played only twice with each other before. While Djokovic won the first time, he had to walk out the second time due to injury. It should also be noted that Davydenko has never reached a Grand Slam final and had more luck working for him all the while in this contest than his performance.

In my opinion, the Serbian is the favorite to win this year.

More photos and a video of Novak Djokovic are below.

Novak Djokovic Video
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