Phoenix Suns Houston Rockets Brawl (Video)

November 14, 2008

Here is the video of the Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets brawl from Wednesday night. As a result, players from both the Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets have been suspended. Read more about the suspensions and see the video below.

As a result of the Phoenix Suns Houston Rockets brawl Wednesday night, suspensions and fines have been handed down to the players involved. For the Phoenix Suns, Matt Barnes has been suspended for two games, Steve Nash suspended for one game and Shaquille O’Neal was fined $35,000. For the Houston Rockets, Rafer Alston was suspended two games and Tracy McGrady was fined $25,000.

It all started during the end of the third quarter, when Barnes shouldered into Alston, and Alston came after him. Nash ran in to try to break up the brawl but was pushed to the ground by McGrady, and Shaq then shoved McGrady down to the ground as well.

Nash is obviously pissed about being cited for “escalating the altercation”.

“I’ve never been this mad. Unbelievable. They said I escalated the situation. I was surrounded by three Rockets and one was attacking. What was I supposed to do? I went to go and separate guys from each other, especially when I get there and I get pushed from the side and the guy (McGrady) doesn’t get suspended.”

Nash stated that Alston also punched him in the chin.

The Suns will play tonight against Sacramento without Nash, Barnes and Leandro Barbosa. Barbosa’s mother passed away in Brazil, and it is unknown how long he will be out.

You can see the video of the Phoenix Suns Houston Rockets brawl below.

Phoenix Suns Houston Rockets brawl – Video

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