Nicola McLean is Tom Williams Girlfriend

November 13, 2008

Meet Nicola McLean, an actress, model and girlfriend of Peterborough United soccer player Tom Williams. See photos, video and read a biography of Nicola McLean below.

You can see Nicola McLean, girlfrend of Peterborough United soccer player Tom Williams, in the eight edition of the ITV1 reality show, “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” when it debuts on Sunday. She could care less about the male contestants on the show, and is actually setting her sights on tennis champ Martina Navratilova. She said that Martina can “have a little look and a fondle if she fancies it”.

The buxom 32G blonde will disappoint the boys because she claims she will not be going on the show, but went on to add:

“I’ve got amazing boobs and, hopefully, that’s what everyone will be looking at. I feel quite confident in my body.”

Nicola McLean Biography

As a biography, Nicola McLean was born in London in 1983, which makes her age either 24 or 25. She has incredible measurements of 32G-24-34 and stands five feet seven inches. Check out some hot pics of her here.

She got her big break as a Page Three girl for The Sun, appearing from June 2000 and July 2003. Eventually she moved on to the Daily Star, after she got a boob job and went from a 32C to a 32G. See a ‘not safe for work’ photo of Nicola before her boob job here…She has appeared in several television show – The Weakest Link, Richard & Judy, The Big Breakfast, Test the Nation, Richard & Judy and The Sexiest girls in Britain.

She retired as a Page 3 girl in 2006, after the birth of her son, Rocky. Earlier this year, she began modeling again, this time for the Daily Star. You can see more of Nicola McLean on the reality TV show, I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

You can see more photos and video of Nicola McLean below.

Nicola McLean Video

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5 Responses to “Nicola McLean is Tom Williams Girlfriend”

  1. 1
    alex Says:

    i think nicola mclean rules at glamour modeling and i think she shouldent go back to pg3.NICOLA RULES

  2. 2
    alex Says:

    im a bigest fan of nicola mclean and tomi williams but im a bigger one of nicola mclean

  3. 3
    alex Says:

    i think nicola mclean should have won im a celebrity get me out of here.And remember if you want to stay as a glamour model stay one dont go back to pg3 if the public tels you to do just do whats best for you tom williams and rockie.YOUR BIGEST FAN ALEX YOUR MY FAVOURITE CELEBRITY OF ALL TIMES

  4. 4
    alex Says:

    nicola rules ohhhhhhh i forgot to say im only 10 years and my birthday is in september just like you

  5. 5
    alex Says:

    i live in ireland co.dublin i have been to london a few times triying to get your autograph and picture and i wanted to know in wich city you live so when i go there my dream might come well goodbye il be back in a few hours goodbye