Posh To Keep A Check On David

November 13, 2008

Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is reportedly quite worried about David going to Milan alone. She is feeling insecure with all the ladies who ‘might’ approach her husband when she’s not around.

“Victoria wasn’t thinking of going to Milan with David. But when stories appeared about her letting him go there on his own, there were lots of comments about how foolish she was being.”

While Victoria’s rep has denied any possibilities of her living with David in Milan, when he’ll be there on loan to soccer club A.C. Milan, she did say that Posh will be visiting him frequently with their kids.

I should have seen that coming since Beckhams had a major family feud when David allegedly had an affair with Rebecca Loos while his stay in Spain when he played for Real Madrid.

Meanwhile, A.C. Milan teammate Ronaldinho has welcomed Beckham in the team for the season. While he’ll be having tough competition from him as both are very excellent free-kick takers, Ronaldinho says that David will surely help the performance of the team.

“I am very happy to know that he’s coming. I always like the way he plays. I always admired him and it’s very cool to play with important people. It’s always very motivating.”

More photos and a video of Victoria Beckham are below.

Victoria Beckham Video
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