Steve Nash Vitamin Water Commercials (Videos)

November 8, 2008

Here are the videos of the hilarious Steve Nash Vitamin Water commercials. Is there a future for Nash as a comedic actor? See photos and videos of Steve Nash below.

Steve Nash Vitamin Water commercials are hilarious! Nash’s timing and deadpan is spot on…I may be a little bit biased since I live in the Valley of the Sun and this town praises everything Steve Nash, but you can judge the commercials for yourself in the videos below.

Nash recently sat down with Bob Young of the Arizona Republic where he was asked about his interests outside of basketball. One of his passions, filmmaking, is on the list but basketball is still his “number one priority”.

“They tug at me more, but not more than basketball. I love doing that stuff, but I love playing sports.”

Nash and his cousin, filmmaker Ezra Holland, started a film production company (Meathawk) and once he retires, plans to make indie films. You may remember Nash as the “$60 Million Dollar Man”, a short film he made earlier this year in honor of the re-release of his Trash Talk shoe.

Check out the videos of Steve Nash Vitamin Water commercials below.

Steve Nash Vitamin Water Commercials – Videos

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