Keeley Hazell PS3 MotorStorm Pacific Rift Promo Photos

November 6, 2008

Oh boy, the sexy Keeley Hazell posed for some promo shots for PS3 MotorStorm Pacific Rift, and believe me, she didn’t disappoint! You can see photos and video of Keeley Hazell here.

Keeley Hazell, a former Page 3 girl, was chosen by Sony Computer Entertainment as the face of MotorStorm Pacific Rift for the PS3.

Pacific Rift is the sequel to MotorStorm, one of PS3’s best selling games. It was released on October 28th to favorable reviews. Pacific Rift offers up more tracks and a new type of vehicle – “everything you’d want in a MotorStorm sequel”.

And now back to Keeley Hazell…a former Sun Page 3 girl, posed for the sexy photos at Plough Studios in London, complete with a Bowler Nemesis in the background. I dunno, will photos of Hazell wearing a black bikini and Daisy Duke shorts prompt men to go out and buy this game? I guess the powers that be over at Sony thought so and I’m sure those natural 32 EE’s had nothing to do with it, right? ;)

You can see Keeley Hazell’s hot PS3 MotorStorm Pacific Rift promo photos plus video of the game below.

MotorSport Pacific Rift – Video

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