Serena Williams wants to win

November 5, 2008

Tennis champ Serena Williams enters the final tournament of the WTA season with the goal of winning in mind. Read the rest of the story and see photos and video of Serena Williams below.

Despite the No. 1 crown already being claimed by Jelena Jankovic, American tennis star Serena Williams is looking to make a run for the title at the final tournament of the 2008 season. Jokingly, Williams stated:

“I need the money.”

It’s been a rocky year in women’s tennis, with five different players claiming the No. 1 spot – Serena being one of them earlier in the season after her win at the US Open. Two of the other top ranked players from this year will be competing against Williams for the title and and prize money, which could be as much as $1.34 million.

Jankovic, who is also competing in the tournament, said:

“In the beginning … there was a spot open for everybody. I’m really proud of myself that, you know, I could cope with all the pressure, and I could get all the points and secure my No. 1 ranking for the rest of the year.”

Serena is currently ranked #3 in the world. She won the US Open this year, marking her 9th major in her career. She made it to the quarterfinal at the Australian Open this year, and she was runner-up at Wimbledon. She won four titles this year, bringing her career total to 32. Her career record of 398-84 since going pro in Sept. 1995 has earned her $21,761,407 in prize money

More photos and a video of Serena Williams are below.

Serena Williams US Open Video
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