October Gonzalez is Tony Gonzalez Wife

November 4, 2008

Meet October Gonzalez, wife of NHL tight end Tony Gonzalez, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. See photos, video and a biography below.

I was watching an interview with KC Chief’s tight end Tony on HBO’s Hard Knocks, a sports documentary television series that follows NFL teams in their training camps. My jaw dropped when I saw this hot lady on my screen – October Gonzalez, who is his sexy wife. In the video below you can see them in their home. She makes funny remarks of his playboy leopard comforter that seems to be from the early 80’s as well as his leopard print painting he had bought at Levitz.

October Gonzalez Biography

As a biography, we do not have much information on October Gonzalez. We do know however, that her maiden name was Russell, her age is currently unknown. I also would like to find out her measurements, she has an awesome body for sure.

October Gonzalez got married to professional football player Tony Gonzalez, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs in a formal commitment ceremony on July 20th, 2007 in Huntington Beach, California. Former Kansas City Chiefs FB Tony Richardson oversaw the ceremony.

Even though it doesn’t count as an official wedding, October Gonzalez and Tony consider them self married. Tony has one son from a previous relationship, Niko who was born in 2002.They have one daughter Malia, who was born in May 2008.

More photos and a video of October Gonzalez are below.

October Gonzalez Video

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3 Responses to “October Gonzalez is Tony Gonzalez Wife”

  1. 1
    garry Says:

    Its Octo-mom I tell you. Looks exactly like her

  2. 2
    les12 Says:

    ha! just because her name is october doesn’t mean you should call her octo-mom. but whoah! she is a MILF though, tony g is a lucky lucky man.

  3. 3
    carrie.m. Says:

    they are a sexy couple! wow!