Diego Maradona Is New Argentina Coach

November 3, 2008

Soccer legend Diego Maradona has been named as the new coach of the Argentinian National team. He is set to take over the job in two days.

‘The offer from Julio Grondona attracted me a lot,’ Maradona said. ‘I can say I am very proud.’

This is said to be the biggest gamble that he will be taking in his life. He is treated like God in Argentina and there will be a ton of expectations from the countrymen. Also, he has emphasized that he’s off-drugs for more than four years now and even stopped drinking. These two habits had a huge toll on the guy about seven years back when he was struggling for his life on a hospital bed.

We know that Argentina is surely one of the best soccer teams in the world and is going through a rough patch. So, taking over the ‘headmaster’ job is a very serious thing. Anyways, no one can raise a question over his ability and the knowledge of the game, for sure.

“I think we must make the players understand that our shirt is the most important thing, that they cannot exchange money for glory,” Maradona, who is 48 today, said. “I think they have given this to me at the right moment.”

Diego is still remembered for his ‘Hand Of God’ goal against England in the 1986 World Cup final. He ‘single-handedly’ won the cup for his country.

Meanwhile, Argentinian players are happy about the whole idea. Even the other contenders of the coaching job have resolved their issues and have agreed to assist him on the field.

Maradona replaces Alfio Basile, who resigned on October 16th.

More photos and a video of Diego Maradona are below.

Diego Maradona Video
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