Kelli Croyle is Brodie Croyle’s Wife

November 2, 2008

Meet Kelli Croyle, she is the wife of NFL quarterback Brodie Croyle, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. See photo, video and a biography below.

Some people think Kelli Croyle is the hottest WAG, others share the opinion that she’s an insanely camera-conscious trophy wife. You can see a video rating here.

Kelli Croyle Biography

As an biography, we do not have much information on Kelli Croyle. She was born as Kelli Schutz. In 2005, she won the America’s Junior Miss competition, a non profit organization that provides scholarship opportunities to high school girls. She attended the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

She met her husband in Mobile, Alabama in 2006, while Brodie was preparing for the Senior Bowl, a post-season college football exhibition game. Kelli Croyle and Brodie got married on July 14, 2007. They currently reside in Stilwell, Kansas.

Kelli Croyle also appeared in HBO’s Hard Knocks, a sports documentary television series produced by NFL Films and HBO. They select a National Football League team through its training camp. She was filmed and interviewed along with her husband Brodie Croyle.

You can watch video of Kelli Croyle below.

Kelli Croyle Video

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