Steve Young Prop 8

November 2, 2008

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young and family are against California’s proposition 8. Read the story below, and see videos and photos of Steve Young.

Former San Francisco quarterback Steve Young’s family, who still live in the Bay area, are voting no on California’s controversial proposition 8. While not publicly stating his opinion, he and his wife Barbara have placed “No on Prop 8″ signs in their yard, and Barbara has donated about $50,000 to the cause. This is surprising, given the Youngs are a devout Mormons, and gay marriage goes against the teachings of the Church. Mormons have pushed hard to get Prop 8 passed, and have donated millions to the cause.

In a statement, Barbara Young first said:

“We believe ALL families matter and we do not believe in discrimination, therefore, our family will vote against Prop. 8.”

In an expanded statement, Mrs. Young said:

“To expand on my earlier email, I am very passionate about this issue and Steve is completely supportive of me and my work for equality. We both love our Church and are grateful that our Church encourages us to vote our conscience. Steve prefers not to get involved politically on any issue no matter what the cause and therefore makes no endorsement.”

Young’s religion has been in the spotlight throughout his career. He played his college football at Brigham Young University, named for the 2nd President of the Mormon Church (and great-great-great Grandfather of Young). In an interview with 60 Minutes in 1996, Young stated that he wanted to go on the mission he missed out on while playing football in college. He also stated how he tithes 10% of his earnings to the Church. He and his wife married in a Mormon temple in Hawaii, and he narrated a Church video originally made for the 2002 Olympics that took place in Utah.

More photos and a video of Steve Young are below.

Steve Young Video

Steve Young Interview Video
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4 Responses to “Steve Young Prop 8”

  1. 1
    Accuracy Says:

    Actually, Barb only has specifically stated that she will vote no. Steve has not endorsed either side and will not because he does not use his position of fame for political purposes. Get your facts straight:

  2. 2
    Tracy Hall Jr Says:

    Steve Young has NOT taken a public stance on Prop. 8.

    It is Steve Young’s wife, Barb, who has a homosexual brother, who is taking a public stance. Steve has made clear that she speaks for herself and not for him. On Sunday, November 2, he told KSL reporter Carole Mikita:

    “I have not given anyone authority to use my name whatsoever, in any political matter.”

    “Anyone” obviously includes his wife.

    “Barb and I love each other very much. It is that love of each other and the Savior that helps us come to the decisions we do. For Barb, who has a remarkable and enviable compassion for others, those political activities are far more public than mine. Those who know me, know I chose long ago not to be publicly active in the political process. I do have strong opinions. I do vote and will vote on Tuesday, but those matters are private.”

    He added, “Barb and I and our children love our church and our faith, which allows for a wide diversity of political discourse. In our case, our diversity does not diminish in any way our or my love, respect and sustaining of the leadership of our church, which is deep and profound.”

    “Our diversity” obviously leaves room for Steve to respectfully and lovingly disagree with his wife. Steve’s respect for his wife does not give the press justification to pretend to read his mind.


  3. 3
    Dave Hansen Says:

    Steve Young is making a GRAVE mistake with his NO vote on Prop 8. First he is fighting against the official stance of the LDS Church First Presidency and second he is trying to conceal his vote on this critical issue. I can only assume his vote is in fact NO since he has given no reason to assume otherwise. Steve and wife could find themselves facing Church disciplinary action for publicly opposing the Church and for their inflammatory language about discrimination. My guess is you will see Steve and his wife either both leaving the LDS church OR getting a divorce in the coming months. Sadly, it will be impossible to play both sides for the Young family. Very sad.

  4. 4
    Thomas Says:

    Dave, are you crazy? Those are ridiculous assumptions and allegiations.