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November 2, 2008

NFL running back Warrick Dunn is publishing an autobiography about his life, both on and off the field. Read the rest of the story, and see video of Warrick Dunn below.

Former FSU running back Warrick Dunn, who has spent his NFL career playing for both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons, is publishing an autobiography. Titled Running for My Life: My Journey in the Game of Football and Beyond, the book is set to go on sale November 4th. Written with former Sports Illustrated Associate Editor Don Yeager, and including a forward by Colts coach Tony Dungy, the book contains stories from both Dunn’s professional career and personal life.

Running for My Life starts with a very personal account about when Dunn visited Kevan Brumfield, the man who killed his mother, in prison. Dunn’s mother had been shot by Brumfield during an ambush while Brumfield was robbing a local bank. Despite confessing to the murder, Brumfield told Dunn that he did not do it, and that the wrong man was scheduled to die for the crime. Dunn recounts the encounter in his book:

“I told him in the years after my mom’s death, I had been hesitant about being in a committed relationship, how I’ve been afraid to lose people. I’ve been in counseling for many years over this very concept of having a true, committed relationship because I don’t want to lose somebody I love twice in my life. … I don’t think I could suffer that pain again. If you didn’t do it, I don’t know why you are here today, but I know why I’m here today. I am here because I need to forgive somebody. I am here because it has been 14 years and it’s time for me to move on.”

Dunn also reveals in his book that he would have taken half a million dollars less per year to remain with Tampa Bay rather than moving to the Falcons organization. He stated that he was “devastated” to not be a part of Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl win that he couldn’t even watch the game. “I couldn’t escape the feeling of, ‘That could’ve been me,'” he said. He also reveals that while playing for FSU, he never thought he was good enough to succeed at the next level in the NFL. He also writes about how he took on the role of “daddy” at the tender age of 18 for his five brothers and sisters, and how emotionally taxing that was on him.

Dunn has been extremely successful in the NFL. He is one of only 23 players to have rushed for more than 10,000 yards, and he is currently the third best rusher of all time in the Tampa Bay organization, and fifth best all-time in the Atlanta organization. He has had three 1,000 yard rushing seasons, and has the longest touchdown run in Falcons history. The two time Pro Bowler was the 2005 Walter Peyton Man of the Year and he is one of Sports Illustrated’s most Influential Minorities in Sports.

On top of all this, he has founded the Warrick Dunn Foundation, which is “dedicated to providing opportunities for economically-disadvantaged single parents and their children who have demonstrated a commitment to achieve financial independence and stability.” His Homes for the Holidays program has helped 77 families and 201 dependents.

Videos of Warrick Dunn are below.

Warrick Dunn FSU Highlights Video

Warrick Dunn Atlanta Falcons Highlights Video

I went to UVA, so I just had to include this video : )

Warrick Dunn FSU goal line stop Video
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