Marat Safin retiring?

October 31, 2008

Russian tennis star Marat Safin tells reporters he may retire from tennis. Read the rest of this story below, as well as see photos and video of Marat Safin.

After losing in the first round of the Paris Masters, the final tournament of the season, to qualifier Juan Monaco, Safin criticized the ATP tour schedule and contemplated retirement. The 28 year old complained that the tour gave players very little time off, saying:

“I need to enjoy my life without tennis, I will see if I continue. I need to think it through. I will see, it was too intense these last three years…I have no pressure, nothing to show, nothing to prove. If I feel like I want to continue to play I will – if not it will be over.”

Safin, who was formerly the top ranked player on the tour, is currently ranked no. 29. He has an ATP record of 24-23 for the 2008 season, netting him $770,582, which seems like a lot to me for a guy who hasn’t won any tournaments. Born in Moscow, he turned pro in 1997 at the age of 17. Over his career, he has a record of 403 – 244, which has earned him $13,913,562 and 15 singles titles and 2 doubles titles. He has won the Australian Open (2005), and the US Open (2000).

More photos and a video of Marat Safin are below.

Marat Safin Gets Angry Video
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One Response to “Marat Safin retiring?”

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    Mal Says:

    Next time maybe you should do some research before writing! Safin has won two grand slams – the US Open in 2000 and the Australian Open in 2005. He was a finalist in 2002 and 2004 but lost in the final. This is really basic information.