Leigh Steinberg Arrested

October 31, 2008

Famous sports agent Leigh Steinberg has been arrested from the Newport Beach, California on the charges of public drinking. Steinberg is better known as the agent who inspired the movie ‘Jerry Maguire‘.

The incident happened on October 22nd, when the police received information about a man “screaming and attempting to climb a hill” at the Newport Auto Center.

“It appeared that he couldn’t care for himself and others” and Steinberg was taken to the city jail, where he was booked for investigation of public intoxication and released on his own recognizance pending a Dec. 8 court hearing, Lt. Bill Hartford said.

The arrest was reported in the The Orange County Register on Friday. Leigh had found himself in the similar situations before also. In April 2007, he crashed his Mercedes into a row of parked cars under the influence of heavy drinking.

Steinberg is a star NFL agent and he has represented sports-persons like Lennox Lewis, Oscar de la Hoya, Ricky Williams and Warren Moon. He is said to be the real life image of the lead character in Jerry Mcguire. Leigh is the President of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, which is headquartered in Newport, and is also involved with Human Relations Commission and Children’s Miracle Network.

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