John Barnes Escapes Driving Ban

October 31, 2008

Former English soccer player John Barnes escaped a possible driving ban while being penalized for having no insurance papers, after he made excuses that he can’t afford a chauffeur and would have to rely on public transport only.

Now, what makes this news hilarious is the fact that Barnes used to earn millions during his 20-year playing career and still rakes in about $7000 a week from his off-the-field gigs, which includes playing pundit on a variety of sports shows.

Claiming he could not hire a driver because his wages ‘varied drastically’, he said he also had to support his wife Andrea and their two children as well as his four children by his former wife Suzy.

John was driving a $1,00,000 BMW X5 in Northwick, Cheshire. He already had nine points on his number plate and the six from the insurance penalty would surely have meant that he falls under the scanner. While the road officers said ‘no one is above the law’, the magistrate just fined him about $3200 and let him go.

Meanwhile, Barnes has taken over the job of the manager of the Jamaican National Football Team. He will immediately leave with the team to a seven-day training camp in the Cayman Islands. He will also be scouting for an English club over there.

More photos and a video of John Barnes are below.

John Barnes Video
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