Obama McCain Monday Night Football Interview

November 1, 2008

Barack Obama and John McCain will appear on Monday Night Football, with ESPN’s Chris Berman conducting the interviews. See more photos and video below.

Obama McCain Monday Night Football! Interviews conducted by ESPN’s Chris Berman of Barack Obama and John McCain on Monday Night Football will provide the Presidential candidates a chance to speak to America and ask for their vote, a last ditch effort on the last day of campaigning before the big day on Tuesday. Why not? MNF averages 12.2 million viewers.

Berman will interview both candidates via satellite earlier during the day on Monday, with the interviews airing during halftime, roughly around 10:15 PM EST.

Vice President of Production for ESPN, Norby Williamson, said:

“We worked with our partners at the NFL to schedule a Monday Night Football game in Washington on this special night, and this presents a unique opportunity for John McCain and Barack Obama to reflect upon the last few months and address a large primetime audience on the final day of the campaigns.”

The Redskins take on the Steelers, and the last time Washington played on a Monday night before a presidential election was on November 5, 1984. Ronald Reagan was elected President for his second term the next day. Of note, in the past 17 elections, if the Redskins won their last home game before Election Day, then the party who won the last election is hailed as the White House winner. Redskins win=McCain victory, Steelers win=Obama victory.

See more photos and video of Barack Obama and John McCain below.

Barack Obama John McCain Interview MNF – Video

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