David Beckham: players overpaid

October 30, 2008

David Beckham feels young soccer players are overpaid. Read the rest of the story below, as well as see photos and video of David Beckham.

Soccer star and all around hottie David Beckham, who signed a $250 million 5 year deal with the LA Galaxy last year, thinks soccer’s young talent is being overpaid. He believes this overpayment will eventually ruin soccer, as the young talent will have no incentive to grow, learn, and succeed.

“It used to be that when you got into the first team then the rewards would come, whereas young kids these days are earning so much money at such a young age. You want that hunger there, you want the hunger to be rewarded. Unfortunately, that’s not the case these days. They can all afford to buy their own cars. That’s the bad part – to have that at such a young age.”

Beckham is talking about players like Cristiano Ronaldo, who was signed to a roughly $19.5 million deal at the tender age of 18. Many people felt this deal was outrageous, as Ronaldo was young and had not proven himself on a competitive, professional stage.

I have to say, I completely understand Beck’s point. If young players don’t have to work to earn that money, what incentive do they have to work hard and improve? You just have to be good enough to get that first deal – whether you prove to be as good as advertised doesn’t seem to matter. However, I don’t think someone making $250 million over five years, on top of whatever he’s getting paid to play in Milan for a while, plus whatever he makes as the face of Armani, Sharpie, and his own fragrance line, and various other things I’m sure he gets paid for, has a lot of room to talk about people being over paid. Especially given he spent a large chunk of time injured and not playing when he first got to the Galaxy.

But what do I know?

More photos and a video of David Beckham are below.

David Beckham Video
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2 Responses to “David Beckham: players overpaid”

  1. 1
    amf Says:

    Um. I think Cristiano would be the worst possible example there buddy! You realize the guy has more talent in his pinky then Becks has in his entire body right? Beckham is old and washed up. If anyone should be earing that $250 million it should be Ronaldo.

  2. 2
    tessa Says:

    What a hypocrite Beckham is!! he’s all about fame, looks, marketing, fashion, celebrity but not about soccer. He’s marketed like he was the best player in the world when he’s not even the best player in England. The greatest player of his generation was Zidane but in the US no one even knows him except for the headbutt which is a real shame because Zizou had more talent in his toe than Beckham has in his entire body. I think Zidane is still the most expensive soccer player of all time but he was worth every penny. If Beckham is worth $250 million than Zizou should be worth $1 billion. Diego Maradona said Beckham was a great shirt salesman but not a great player.