David Beckham Cheerleader Watch (Photos)

October 30, 2008

Los Angeles Galaxy star David Beckham was seen at the Los Angeles Lakers/Clippers game last night ogling once again at the cheerleaders – the Laker Girls. Check out photos and video of David Beckham and the Laker Girls below.

Ah yes, David Beckham loves to stare at the Laker Girls. I mean honestly, what man doesn’t? It’s quite funny that he was caught for the second time watching the cheerleaders strut their stuff, and this time, it’s captured in several pictures. Check ‘em out over at With Leather. You may remember last April, when this shot of him staring at the cheerleaders was making the rounds.

Meanwhile, Beckham has just been named the “gayest straight and blackest white man” in Britain. He is quite proud of his new label and said:

“Yes, I like that. When someone said that about me, it made me laugh and I was quite proud of it. To have that kind of effect on so many different people around the world, I was honoured. When people talk to me about being a gay icon I think of it as a great honour.”

The soccer star isn’t ashamed about his “feminine side” and has admitted to wearing nail polish during an interview in Attitude Magazine.

More photos and video of David Beckham and the Lakers’ cheerleaders below.

Video of David Beckham watching cheerleaders

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2 Responses to “David Beckham Cheerleader Watch (Photos)”

  1. 1
    Rupert Says:

    ahah this video is hilarious. I think every man has had such an expression on his face once (or twice or more…;))

  2. 2
    moe Says:

    Looooooool this is funny how Victoria upset.