Patrick Edwards broken leg (video)

October 29, 2008

Houston wide receiver Patrick Edwards broke his leg last night while trying to catch a touchdown pass in the game against Marshall. See the video and details of the incident below.

In perhaps one of the most horrific things I’ve ever seen, Houston wide receiver broke his leg while trying to catch an over-thrown touchdown pass in the third quarter last night in the Cougars game against Marshall. As he was running down the field and through the end zone, Edwards looked up and behind him to see the ball. As he ran out the back of the end zone, he was not looking where he was going and he ran into one of the equipment carts parked along the end of the field. After the incident, Edwards said:

“I just saw the ball in the air and once it came down, I hit the cart and flipped over it.”

Edwards, a redshirt freshman, suffered a compound fracture that required surgery, where a rod was inserted into his leg. After surgery, Edwards said that he did not blame Marshall for the band’s equipment carts being there. Instead, he says he blames the officiating crew, as “they are supposed to check and see if everything is off the field.” A spokesman for the hospital said Wednesday that Edwards is in good condition.

Houston’s Athletic Director, David Maggard, said he would discuss the matter with officials from Marshall.

“It was duly noted, and I think we’ll save the conversation for another day. I don’t think there is any question that it is a problem. We all noticed it, and we want to find out why something like that would occur. It was a serious injury, no question about it.”

Prior to this injury, Edwards was the Cougars’ leading receiver, with 634 yards on 46 catches. He is expected to fully recover, and doctors say he should be playing footballl next year. Marshall’s insurance carrier will cover all of Edwards’ medical bills.

How horrible is this?! While watching the video (over and over, because I couldn’t bring myself to look away), I was reminded of former Washington Redskin quarterback Joe Thesiman’s career-ending injury after a sack by New York Giants great Lawrence Taylor. His leg also broke in several places, and Theisman was never able to play again.

Videos of both Patrick Edwards’ injury and Joe Theisman’s injury are below.

Patrick Edwards Injury Video

Joe Theisman Injury and Interview Video
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