Michael Phelps Party Appearance

October 28, 2008

14 time Olympic champion Michael Phelps is available for private party appearances. See photos and video of Michael Phelps below.

Record-breaking Olympic phenom Michael Phelps is now available for private parties. He was apparently paid $100,000 to swim a few laps at the LA pool party of a tv networks chief’s wife. Must be nice to win 8 gold medals in a single Olympics while breaking 7 world records in the process. Oh, and I’m sure being unbelievably hott doesn’t hurt, either.

Since making history at the Beijing summer games, Michael Phelps has been caught up in a whirlwind. He has hosted Saturday Night Live, filmed a guest spot on Entourage, partied it up at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas, done numerous tv interviews, been offered his own reality show, met Oprah and President Bush, had a parade in Baltimore, MD, hung out with the Michigan football team prior to the homecoming game, and somehow, he’s also managed to give back by spending time with various Boys and Girls clubs all over the country, a charity he has been involved with for some time.

And now he’s getting paid to hang out at lush parties. Nice. Anyone want to give me $100,000? Anyone?

More photos and a video of Michael Phelps are below.

Michael Phelps Interview Video
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