Brett Favre Detroit Lions Controversy

October 26, 2008

New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre continues to deal with controversy surrounding a conversation he had with former Detroit Lions president Matt Millen. See photos and video of Brett Favre below.

The former Green Bay Packers quarterback has been seeped in rumors that he called former Lions president Matt Millen a few weeks ago and shared strategies with them on how to beat his former team, the Green Bay Packers. In a press conference, Favre, who stated Millen called to invite him to go hunting, said:

“When Matt called me and was talking about hunting and told me that he lived an hour from here, don’t think for a second I wasn’t thinking, ‘Now, surely he wants to know something.’ I didn’t give him any game planning. I haven’t been in that offense in over a year. I don’t know what else to tell you. It was pretty simple.”

While he was at it, Favre denied calling Tony Romo to offer advice and support about playing injured. He stated Romo had called him asking for suggestions on how to play through an injury.

Even if Favre had shared information, doing so is not against league rules. In the same press conference, he stated “It happens every day. It happens more than you know.”

Despite Favre’s denial that he shared any information, people have continued to talk and speculate on the subject. Favre’s wife, Deanna, has become so upset by the matter, she took to the family’s blog to defend her husband.

“Brett does not, in any way, hold a vendetta against his former team…But that has not stopped some from scrutinizing his every move and blaming him for so many things that simply are not true. Some incidents, like the locker room pranks appear funny [but they are still untrue] … Others, like the questionable phone calls to other teams, are hurtful, distasteful, and … still untrue as they have been reported. Because of this, lately, my heart has been so heavy. It is very hard to watch the daily toll this has taken on Brett.”

More photos and a video of Brett Favre are below.

Brett Favre Press Conference Video
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