Is Teri Hatcher Desperately Dating Baron Davis?

August 9, 2007

Teri Hatcher, star of the ABC hit show “Desperate Housewives” is rumored to be dating Golden State Warriors point guard Baron Davis. Teri “cougar” Hatcher is 42 and Baron is 28.

Teri had been dating producer Stephen Kay since last year. Rumors of a split between she and Kay started swirling when she showed up for Tony Parker and Eva Longoria’s wedding in Paris sans Kay. (By the way, Stephen Kay and Eva Longoria used to date as well) Tony introduced Teri to Baron at their wedding. Evidently Teri is smitten with the young baller as they danced the night away at the reception and have also continued to see each other upon arrival back in the states. From our friends over at Cele|bitchy via Star Magazine:

“Baron and Teri really hit it off,��? said a friend of the TV beauty. “They talked and danced all night and had a great time. They couldn’t seem to get enough of each other!��?…

As for Teri’s relationship with Stephen, another friend of the star says, “I think she hasn’t had her heart in it for a while. She definitely seemed open to meeting someone new…��?

On July 24 [Teri and Baron] were spotted together again at the Hollywood eatery Pace, where they sat on the same side of a four-person table, “looking like a couple of love-struck teenagers!��?

I don’t know folks, I just don’t see this one lasting. Sure, Teri Hatcher is hot for being 42 years old, but it’s only a matter of time before Baron’s eye starts wandering to the younger and hotter girls out there. Seriously, how many basketball players out there are married to older women?

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