Tom Brady Surgery

October 25, 2008

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has two more surgeries to help clear an infection out of his injured knee. See more photos and video of Tom Brady below.

Tom Brady, who was injured in the first game of the season against the Kansas City Chiefs, has had several recent procedures where doctors have gone in “to clean and test the wound” because of an infection which has settled in the star’s knee.

While there were reports that the Patriots organization was upset over Brady’s choice of doctors, they are now saying:

“This unsubstantiated report does not represent the team’s views whatsoever. We have supported Tom Brady one hundred percent from day one of this process and will continue to do so.”

Brady was originally predicted to be back in New England with the team by now, however this infection has slowed down his recovery and made it difficult to name a timeline for his return.

Dr. Neal ElAttrache, Brady’s surgeon in Los Angeles, consulted renowned sports orthopedist Dr. James Andrews, who works out of Alabama. Andrews, who has worked with Peyton Manning and Michael Jordan, said:

“What I gather from talking to Neal today is that Tom’s getting better. Optimistically, once you get this under control and you can save that graft and win the infection battle…once the healing process catches back up, it really doesn’t set him behind to any degree relative to the overall healing process.”

Brady is currently on an aggressive six week course of IV antibiotics and follow-up appointments at the center where he had his surgery. The key is to save the tendon graft that was done to repair his ACL. If the infection persists, the graft could be compromised, which would result in additional surgeries and extended rehabilitation time.

More photos and a video of Tom Brady are below.

Tom Brady Injury Video
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