Jessica Alba ‘Green’ Home

October 24, 2008

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba, who was Yankees captain Derek Jeter’s girlfriend in 2004, showed off her newly refurbished eco-friendly home in Los Angeles recently. Hubby Cash Warren was by her side.

She said: “It’s kid-friendly, animal-friendly. You can jump on the sofas, walk around barefoot. There’s nothing off-limits here. The energy here is so inviting – it is open and playful. And everywhere you look, inside and out, you get to see a part of nature.”

The canyon home features chlorine-free saltwater pool and vintage light fixtures. The actress revealed that they had actually wanted a place most suitable to the couple’s daughter Honor Marie and their three dogs. The story is featured in the latest issue of the In Style magazine.

Interior decorator Kari Whitman has worked with non-toxic paints and recycled furniture to give a ‘green’ feel to the rooms and a sense of eco-friendliness is widespread in the entire mansion.

“It’s all about working with existing things. Jessica really got into it and would e-mail me things she found on Craig’s List,” Whitman said.

More photos and a video of Jessica Alba are below.

Jessica Alba Video
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