David Beckham AC Milan

October 22, 2008

David Beckham is apparently on his way to AC Milan – on loan to the team come January. Read more about the story plus photos and video of David Beckham below.

David Beckham, who will finish up the MLS season with the Los Angeles Galaxy on Sunday, is said to be inking a deal with AC Milan and will be joining the team “on loan” come January. He’ll play only for a few months before he has to return to L.A.

AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelottii told Corriere della Sera:

“For me it will be a pleasure. David Beckham is a serious athlete and a great professional.

“We will be very happy to have him here for four months and obviously he will be able to play in the league and in Europe.”

No doubt his wife Victoria will enjoy being in Milan, as she can satisfy her craving for shopping…it is the fashion capital of the world and her favorite designers – Versace, Dolce & Gabanna and Georgio Armani call Milan home. Coincidentally, Becks is sponsored by Armani and we all know what he looks like in his underwear…

Will this be the end of the Posh and Becks invasion in the U.S.? Who knows…time will only tell.

More photos and video of David Beckham are below.

David Beckham – Video

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