Kobe Bryant Injury

October 21, 2008

Kobe Bryant suffered an injury this evening during an exhibtion game between the Lakers and Charlotte. Read more about the story and see photos and video of Kobe below.

A Kobe Bryant injury will certainly throw Lakers fans in a tizzy, won’t it? The injury occurred in the second quarter of a preseason game between the Lakers and the Charlotte Bobcats this evening, when Kobe was jumping for a loose ball, hyperextending his right knee and ended up landing on Josh Powell’s foot. They called a timeout and Bryant went over to the bench and sat before making his way to the locker room on his own will. He did not play in the second half.

Lakers coach Phil Jackson doesn’t seem too concerned. He said:

“I didn’t even ask him about the injury. The trainer said he hyper-extended his knee somewhat. We’ll see what it’s like (Wednesday), and then go from there.”

Bryant will be re-evaluated Wednesday, and if he wakes up in pain, an MRI may be scheduled.

The Lakers went on to beat the Bobcats 102-98. Their first game of the season is next Tuesday against the Portland Trailblazers.

More photos and video of Kobe Bryant’s injury to his knee can be found below.

Kobe Bryant injury to his knee – Video

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