Christy Oglevee is Chris Cooley’s Cheerleader

August 8, 2007

Christy Oglevee is in the news as the cheerleader fiancee of Chris Cooley, the tight end for the Washington Redskins. See her pictures here.

Christy’s biography is that she attended Loudoun High School in Northern Virginia as well as the C.S. Monroe Technology Center where she studied cosmetology. She graduated in 2003 and became a Washington Redskins cheerleader. Christy Oglevee is so hot that she was the only high school cheerleader in five years to make the Redskins’ squad. She is 22 years old today.

Christy Oglevee was fired from her cheerleading job for the Redskins when they found out she was dating a player. That sort of behavior is frowned on by the old football men. Obviously they did not watch Bull Durham to learn the benefits of athletes having pleasure.

“It’ll be a good story to tell our kids one day,��? Christy Oglevee said. Read more about this good story.

She met Chris when another cheerleader he was dating introduced the two, so he immediately dumped his girlfriend to play with Christy. Oh yes, the other cheerleader got fired too. Captain Chaos really likes tight ends. It must be nice to be his girlfriend.

Rumor is that on her 21st birthday, Cooley and Christy’s father did 21 shots each in an adult bar, you know, the ones where they take their clothing off.

More cheerleader pictures of Christy Oglevee.

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