Kellen Winslow Suspended

October 21, 2008

Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow was suspended for one game this week. See video of Kellen Winslow below.

Just one game after being sidelined with an illness, the Cleveland Browns suspended tight end Kellen Winslow after their 14-11 loss to the Washington Redskins.

After Sunday’s loss, Winslow expressed displeasure with how the Browns handled his mystery illness last week. Undoubtedly unhappy that there was speculation he had swollen testicles, Winslow felt the team should have disclosed that he was battling a staph infection.

Winslow said:

“I didn’t want to be a distraction and I didn’t want it to steer us away from our focus, which was on the Washington Redskins. Then I thought about it, and thought about it, and this is the right thing to do to get it out there and let it be known that this is not right. They didn’t even want me going to the Cleveland Browns’ facility because they didn’t want me to get re-infected. Something is wrong up there. It needs to be fixed. Nobody knew that I had staph on the team because the Browns didn’t want it to get out, but it’s my teammates’ right to know what’s going on at the facility to protect them. Their safety is at risk, too, and I didn’t agree with the Cleveland Browns, because they are protecting the organization and not the players. I love my teammates and I love my coaches, but I disagree with the front office with how they’ve handled this.”

Phil Savage, Cleveland’s General Manager, responded to Winslow’s comments with a 352-word statement on Tuesday. He said that Winslow’s behavior was:

“unwarranted, inappropriate, and unnecessarily disparaging to our organization. His statements brought unjustified negative attention to our organization, and violated the team-first concept of our football squad. The Cleveland Browns are committed to winning and taking care of our players. We are also committed to protecting the privacy of our players, particularly with regard to medical issues.”

The suspension states that Winslow will not be able to attend practice or meetings until next Monday, and he will miss this Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. It will cost him $235,294, which is what he makes each game.

A video of Kellen Winslow is below.

Kellen Winslow Controversial Rant Video
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One Response to “Kellen Winslow Suspended”

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    BrownsFan Says:

    Do you realize that video is 6 YEARS OLD. How about focus on the fact that this guy just had a LIFE THREATENING staph infection that he contracted at his WORK PLACE and his boss was trying to make him HIDE it!!! You would be ANGRY too! WRITE THE FACTS!