Pacman Jones alcohol treatment program

October 20, 2008

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones entered an alcohol treatment program. See video of Pacman Jones below.

Following his four-game suspension last week, the Cowboys cornerback entered an alcohol treatment program. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the facility was “in another part of the country,” and stated “it’s totally done through and by the NFL.”

Pacman was involved in an altercation with his bodyguard last week at a Dallas hotel, which led to the suspension, the ultimate length of which will be determined by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. The NFL has said that reinstatement now depends on on compliance with the treatment plans set out at the alcohol treatment center, as well as on evaluations by “clinical experts.”

When Dallas coach Wade Phillips was asked if he believed the treatment center would help Jones, he answered:

“Same as last week, he’s not with us. My concern is the guys that are with us and try to get them to play well.”

Not only will Dallas be missing his talent on the field during this suspension, but it is also costing them a portion of his pay. As of August 1 of this year, the NFL requires teams to submit a portion of salaries forfeited by players suspended under the personal conduct, substance abuse, or steroids policies.

Since Pacman Jones was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the first round of the 2005 draft, he has been involved in 12 incidents that resulted in police intervention, and he has been arrested six times.

A video of Pacman Jones is below.

Dick Butkus comments on Pacman Jones – Video
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    Pacman Jones alcohol treatment program Says:

    […] More here:  Pacman Jones alcohol treatment program […]

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    Jon Stevens Says:

    Pacman will come back better than ever.