ARod Madonna Baby?

October 20, 2008

As Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce heats up, rumors have emerged that Yankees 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez and the Material Girl are planning to have a baby. See photos and video of Madonna and ARod below.

As more and more details are emerging about life in Madonna and Guy’s marriage, new rumors have popped up that the Yankees infielder is purchasing an apartment just 2 blocks from Madonna’s New York pad. And, sources say they’re planning a baby. (WOW!)

An unnamed source has revealed that ARod is close to purchasing a new New York penthouse on Central Park West in an effort to be closer to Madonna. The source said:

“Alex knows that this is a difficult time for Madonna, especially as she has children. So he thought this was the best way to be close to her without being too intrusive. He is completely into her and willing to be patient while she sorts everything out. All he cares about is just being close to her.”

Also, despite no evidence of their relationship being intimate, a source says that Madonna is planning a future with the 33 year old ARod. And, it’s now rumored that she would like to have a biological child with him.

“She thinks he’s physically a great specimen. And if she is going to have another child, he would be the ideal man to bring one to her.”

All this is sure to add flames to the already bright fire surrounding Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce, which is already set to get ugly, as there was no pre-nup signed before their wedding almost 8 years ago.

Looks like things are getting more interesting by the day!

More photos and a video of Madonna, Guy Ritchie, and Alex Rodriguez are below.

Madonna Divorce Video
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One Response to “ARod Madonna Baby?”

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    missy Says:

    is he kidding me!!!!he nedds to get some serious help.