Joba Chamberlain DUI

October 18, 2008

Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain was arrested Saturday morning for an alleged DUI. See more photos and video of Joba below.

Joba Chamberlain DUI? Yup, the USA Today reports that the Nebraska State Patrol pulled him over after he was spotted speeding around 1:00 AM on U.S. 77 near Lincoln. He was arrested after cops smelled alcohol and an open container of alcohol was found on the passenger seat of his 2006 BMW.

He was given a Breathalyzer test on the spot and was moved to the Cornhusker Place, a detox center in Lincoln where all the drunk drivers have an overnight visit. Another Breathalyzer test was administered there, but results are as of yet to be released. A call made to Joba’s father, Harlan Chamberlain, resulted in Pops saying “no comment”.

He was booked and charged with suspicion of DUI, possessing an open container of booze and speeding. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Sunday.

This comes on the heels of Yankees co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner announcing that Chamberlain will be a starter for the 2009 season.

More photos and video of Joba Chamberlain are below.

Joba Chamberlain Video

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