Michael Vick NFL Return

October 16, 2008

The door has possibly been opened for former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick to return to the NFL once his 23-month prison term has been served.

Former Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick is currently serving a prison sentence on federal dog fighting charges. His sentence is scheduled to run through the summer of 2009. Upon his release, the NFL could decide to impose their own penalties. However, Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, says he would be willing to talk to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and advocate for Vick’s reinstatement in the NFL.

At a recent NFL team owners meeting, Blank told ESPN.com:

“[Vick’s]written me and I’ve answered him. I certainly wish Michael well in the future. I believe in second chances. I believe in third chances. That doesn’t mean I believe in forever chances. But I do believe he’s capable of redemption and learning from his mistakes.”

When asked if Vick could possibly return to the Falcons, Blank said:

“I’ll say this to you when I answer the question as fully as I can. From my perspective, people use the expression ‘we’ve turned the page,’ and we’ve turned the page, turned the chapter and closed the book. We’ve moved on and we have a franchise quarterback.”

Blank is talking of former Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan, who the Falcons acquired with the 3rd overall draft pick this year. He has led the Falcons to a 4-2 start this season.

While it seems Vick would be unable to return to Atlanta, Blank says he supports Vick returning to the league with another team. Vick has reportedly been working out in prison, bench pressing 300 lbs and is throwing the ball well.

Vick is currently serving a 23 month federal prison sentence on dog fighting charges, which he pled guilty to last year. Vick still faces Virginia state charges for the same dog fighting ring. He is currently scheduled to stand trial on these charges after his release from prison.

A video of Michael Vick is below.

Michael Vick Top 10 – Video
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