Beckhams Troubled House Sale

October 13, 2008

Footballer David Backham and his wife Victoria seem to be heading for a very troubled sale of their five-bedroom villa ‘Casa Beckham’. The couple is reportedly selling it off for just £3 million given that the price for which they bought it in May 2005 and did the refurbishing, stands at £5 million.

“The house is incredible but the market is in a terrible state right now and the Beckhams have had no offers. A few people have viewed it but prices are plummeting,” the Daily Star quoted a source at the estate agent selling the property as saying.

Well, housing prices have certainly gone down drastically all over the world. The house has been up for sale for over 17 months now and obviously not a single person has shown any interest in buying the premium property in the millionaires’ suburb of La Moraleja.

“They’re going to have to take a lot less than the original price to have a realistic chance of selling the house. It’s a magnificent place with lots of charm, beautifully and tastefully decorated. But even the super-rich have been hit hard by the credit crunch,” the source added.

In other news, Beckhams launched their new perfume Signature in New York recently. The function took place at Macy’s department store and fans went wild just to have a glance of the A-listed celebrity couple, looking pretty impressive in a striped suit and a grey shift dress.

More photos and a video of David and Victoria Beckham are below.

David and Victoria Beckham Video
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