Fabiola Da Silva Is X Games Hottie

October 12, 2008

Meet Fabiola Da Silva, a Brazilian Inline Pro Skater who is said to be the most decorated female athlete in the X Games. She currently competes in the LG Action Sports World Tour. See photos, video and a biography of Fabiola Da Silva here.

Fabiola is so popular in the skating circuit that the Aggressive Skaters Association had introduced a “Fabiola Rule” in the books which allows women to take part in the men’s competitions. Moreover, the lady has beaten them over ten times!

Fabiola Da Silva Biography

As a biography, Fabiola Da Silva was born on June 18, 1979 in São Paulo so her age is 29. She has been roller skating since the age of 14 and then moved on to skateboarding.

‘What first attracted me to inline was the fact that I could do whatever I wanted, create my own tricks and have my own style. It was different than the other sports.’

She was invited by the organizers of the X Games in 1996. In the seven years on the circuit, she received seven gold medals and one silver, the most by any female athlete. In the meantime, she lost only one title in 1999. Now, on the LG Action Sports World Tour arena, she has till now received over fifty medals and has been consistently ranked among top five in the men’s rankings, after the implementation of the ‘Fabiola Rule’.

She was also the first woman to do a double back flip on a vert ramp in 2005. Her achievements got her to be featured in the Book of Cool, a series of film footages showing the best in action sports.

Apart from her competitive sports skills, Fabiola is also known for her hot body and sex appeal. She was casted in the commercials for Capri Sun and Mountain Dew. There is even a Disney movie based on her career called Brink in 1999.

She has been romantically linked to inline legend Jon Julio, a number of times.

More photos and a video of Fabiola Da Silva are below.

Fabiola Da Silva Video
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