Mike Timlin Is MLB Pitcher

October 12, 2008

Meet Mike Timlin, a relief pitcher for the Major League Baseball (MLB) team Boston Red Sox. Timlin is a veteran player and holds the record for most appearances by any right-handed relief pitcher in the league. See photos, video and a biography of Mike Timlin here.

Mike failed to deliver a match-winning performance today when he had to pitch in the final inning of a tied game between Red Sox and Rays. One shallow sacrifice later, his team lost the Game 2 of the American League Championship Series.

“In the end, I’m the one that messed it up,” Timlin said with ice packs on his shoulder and knee. “We should have won that game a few times. They probably believe the same thing. It came down to the last batter, last pitcher and that’s where we stand.”

Mike Timlin Biography

As a biography, Mike Timlin was born on March 10, 1966 in Midland, Texas so his age is 42. He attended the Southwestern University in Georgetown and currently holds a one-year contract with Boston Red Sox.

Timlin, who debuted with Toronto Blue Jays in April 1991, has a variety of armor in his chest and his favorite is the 93-MPH fastball. He has been a very experienced player in the league and made his 1000th appearance in August 2007. He was pretty successful with the Red Sox in the first three seasons from 2003 to 2005, but had some shoulder injury issues in the next two seasons. He recorded 14 consecutive scoreless innings in his comeback season.

Currently, he’s the seventh most-appeared pitcher in the history with almost 1058 appearances.

Mike and his wife Dawn have two children.

More photos and a video of Mike Timlin are below.

Mike Timlin Video
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