Nancy Benoit Photos Not Illegal

October 11, 2008

The controversy involving some questionable photos of Nancy Benoit, the slain wife of WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, being published in the March 2008 issue of Hustler magazine is now over.

A U.S. District Court has now ordered that the photos are not illegal and photographer Mark Samansky didn’t disturb the privacy of the lady.

“The fact that the Court personally views publication of the photographs to be offensive and distasteful is not determinative,” Judge Thomas Thrash wrote.

It is to be noted that Maureen Toffoloni, Nancy’s mother, had sought punitive damages from the magazine for publishing the photos that were not intended to be published when they were taken in the summer of 1983. Their case was strengthened by the presence of James Daus, then Nancy’s husband, who said that his wife never gave the permission for her photos to be used for a “pornographic” magazine whose content includes “graphic and sexual photographs of nude women.”

However, Thrash was all for the freedom of Press. You can see all the controversial photos here at your own discretion.

It is known that Nancy, who herself was a professional wrestling valet and manager, and her seven-year old son Daniel were killed by Chris in their suburban Atlanta home in June 2007. Chris himself committed suicide after that.

More photos and a video of Nancy Benoit are below.

Nancy Benoit Wrestling Video
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