Christine (Chris) Glavine is Tom’s Hot Wife (Photos)

August 5, 2007

New York Mets pitcher Tom Glavine had his 300th win of his major league career when he defeated the Chicago Cubs 8-3 Sunday night. He is now the 23rd member of an elite group in baseball who can boast 300 wins. But let’s focus on his hot wife Chris, shall we? You can see many more photos of Christine below.

Tom and Chris Glavine were married on November 14, 1998. He and Christine have two sons, Peyton Thomas and Mason Riley. Tom has a daughter, Amber Nicole, from his first marriage, and a stepson, Jonathan, from his current marriage to Chris. They have homes in Greenwich, Connecticut and Atlanta, Georgia.

Okay now that you know the particulars, see hot photos of Christine Glavine below:

What do you think? A Hottie or a Nottie? Hey, for someone who is 40 years old, that’s a hottie!

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3 Responses to “Christine (Chris) Glavine is Tom’s Hot Wife (Photos)”

  1. 1
    magke Says:

    Chris is a cutie–she’s a great mom and a dedicated wife. I think she was way hotter when she didn’t try so hard. What’s up with all of those necklaces and bracelets. Yuck!

  2. 2
    ash Says:

    chris and tom are very religious. those necklaces (yuck you say) are symbols of their faith. as far as tring hard- to me it seems she looks quite natural.

  3. 3
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