Lawrence Phillips Sentenced To Ten Years

October 3, 2008

Former Nebraska Cornhuskers running back, Lawrence Phillips has been sentenced to 10 years in state prison after he was convicted in 2006 of at least seven counts of assault.

Lawrence’s sentence had been delayed for so long as he was fighting for the conviction simultaneously.

He was arrested on August 21, 2005 when he hit three teenagers with his car near the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum after losing a pick-up football game. One of them was sitting in the court while the sentence had been given. Lawrence apologized to him publicly.

“I’m sorry that your leg is messed up,” Phillips told Rodney Flores, after hearing the young man tell the court that he was unable to pursue his dream of playing high school sports as a result of being hit when he was 16.

Phillips was wanted by the Los Angeles police as well as the San Diego police for at least three counts of domestic abuse, at the time of his arrest.

Lawrence, 33, was once the top college football player in the nation. He was the sixth overall in the 1996 NFL Draft. But, beside being an exceptional player, he was let go by many top teams due to his off-field behavior and other character charges. He went for 1,453 yards and 14 touchdowns in 35 NFL games.

More photos and a video of Lawrence Phillips are below.

Lawrence Phillips Video
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One Response to “Lawrence Phillips Sentenced To Ten Years”

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    truth-teller Says:

    Go to to read the truth about Lawrence Phillips which media will not publish although they have received this information over and over.

    Media spoke with Lawrence’s attorney but refused to print anything she said-rather they deceived by saying she did not return telephone calls!

    Ever notice how none of the alleged victims are quoted? Flores stated that his “leg was hurt in the ACCIDENT”.

    The hype comes from the media, the prosecutor, the judge, law enforcement–those who care nothing about alleged victims other than to use them to benefit their own self-serving agenda!!!

    Continue reading the website above to keep up with the appeals, which will reveal the cover-ups and deception that prosecutors and judges have gotten away with so far–but this time the end will be different!!!

    Time will tell it all and California Supreme Court has opened up the process!!!

    People stop being sheep!!! Stop hating when you don’t even know the truth!!! Find out the facts before you believe the hype!!!