Sally Mulholland Is Gazza’s New Girl

October 1, 2008

Former English football star Paul Gascoigne seems to have found love again in ex-model Sally Mulholland whom he met in a bar in Portugal, two weeks ago.

Speaking to a friend about their first meeting, Sally revealed: “He just started talking to me. He was funny, clever and witty with a great sense of humour. I was swept off my feet. I thought, ‘What a guy’. He was amazing. Since then we’ve been constantly on the phone. We’ll spend as much time as we possibly can together, we’re really happy.”

Sally, 44, is a mother of three and runs a photography business in Algarve.

The couple recently enjoyed a three-day vacation in Portugal. Sally also helped raise money for an animal rescue centre over there.

The latest news is that Gazza is planning to leave England for good and go to Portugal to reinforce his relationship with his new girl.

A friend told the Daily Star: “Paul’s talking about leaving England for good and moving to Portugal lock, stock and barrel. He’s fallen out with his family big time over his drinking. They can’t understand why he’s not in rehab.”

Paul has been through very tough times recently. His severe drinking habit, which he developed while suffering from an injury, made him to abandon his family and go to a rehab centre, which of course didn’t help. He was even arrested on the suspicion of criminal damage recently after some pictures of him, trying to go inside a local bar, were published in a newspaper.

We’ll have to wait and watch if the new lady in his life can help him to leave his bad habits.

More photos and a video of Paul Gascoigne are below.

Paul Gascoigne Video
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